Announcements – February 17, 2019


PARTICIPATING in today’s service: Dave Clemmer, Liturgist; Boy Scouts, Scripture Readers and Ushers.


EVERONE IS INVITED to a time of fellowship in the social hall following worship. Many thanks to our Scout Troop 1323 for providing refreshments.


CHILI DAY will be observed at St. Paul next Sunday, February 24. You are invited to the social hall following worship for a warm delicious bowl of Chili on a cold winter day! If you would like to contribute a pot of Chili or other fixings, please contact Susan Brooks (301-869-8798 or or Sandy Walter (301-926-3341 or Thank you!


A NEW MEMBERS CLASS will be held on Sundays, March 3 and 10, 2:00 pm, at the church. Those interested in attending this class are asked to contact Pastor Jean at 301-330-0539 or


OUR ANNUAL Shrove Tuesday Pancake/Waffle Supper will be held March 5, 6:30 pm, in the social hall. We'll have delicious pancakes, waffles, sausages, oranges, and drinks. The infamous Hallelujah Bingo, pancake twister, pancake flip, and coin search will also be in full swing. As always, there will be prizes for the winners (and all the children). If you would like to contribute to this event in some way, please contact Leslie Hinkle (401-414-0043 or Melanie Shullenbarger (Melanie_S_Shullenbarger @mcpsmd. org or 301-788-5337).


THE SEASON OF LENT begins with an Ash Wednesday service where we recognize our mortality, repent of our sins, and return to our loving God. We recognize life as a precious gift from God, and re-turn our lives towards Jesus Christ. In an Ash Wednesday service, the Pastor marks the sign of the cross on a person's forehead with ashes. While the ashes remind us of our mortality and sin, the cross reminds us of Jesus' resurrection (life after death) and forgiveness. It's a powerful, non-verbal way that we can experience God's forgiveness and renewal as we return to Jesus. The congregations of Mt. Carmel, Salem (Brookeville) and St. Paul will gather on Wednesday, March 6, 7:30 pm, at Mt. Carmel UMC, Sunshine. We invite you to join us for this meaningful Ash Wednesday service.

A LENTEN BIBLE STUDY will begin Thursday, March 7, under the leadership of Pastor Jean. The six-week study is entitled Made for a Miracle…From Your Ordinary to God’s Extraordinary, by

Mike Slaughter. At some time in our lives, most of us have prayed for or hoped for a miracle—an event that seems impossible but is brought about by God's transcendent power. There are two components to every miracle: divine action and human responsibility. Please join us as we examine these components to gain a better understanding of how we can act with God using our gifts, talents and abilities and directing them toward God’s work.

      To defray costs, there will be a $12 fee to cover the study book. The study is open to both Mt. Carmel and St. Paul congregations. Those who plan to attend are asked to sign the Bible Study sheet on the narthex bulletin board. Or you may RSVP to Pastor Jean (301-330-0539 or or the St. Paul Church office (301-963-2185 or


OUR CHARTER Boy Scout Troop 1323 is holding their annual mulch sale fundraiser. Deadline to order is March 9. Additional information and order forms may be found in the narthex; or you may email or call 202-809-2817.



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Giant Gift Cards

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IMPORTANT REMINDER…If you are in the building and are the last to leave, please make sure lights are turned off and all windows and outside doors are closed and locked. Thank you for helping to make our church building as secure as we can for all those using it.